About our Podcast

What is a podcast? Here is a podcast.

We thought the internet didn’t have enough generic man-children talking about video games. So we had to add one more into the mix.

From deep dives into some of the all time classics such as “Banjo-Kazooie” to some hidden gems such as “Space Station Silicon Valley” Greg and Sam have you covered.

If you want to join us in chatting about retro video games we used to play and hear about tales from our past. Join us! It probably won’t hurt. And it’s free.

If you want to play some of our games from our past you can go visit Future Survival in Gravesend, Kent! They have a bunch of Greg’s old games and controllers!

Gas About Games

with Greg and Sam

Gas about Games is a Podcast with Greg and Sam where they talk about games from their past sometimes with rose tinted glasses (they are only human). How much do they remember about the game? Nobody knows!